[Major Update - ver. 0.7.0]

hey there! Another major update for Turbo Island Purger - ver 0.7.0

You can download it HERE

Stuff that I changed:

  • added some cool items and changec already existing ones to match the game's theme
  • revamped most of enemies (and the rest is coming in next update)
  • different damage types + cool looking damage texts
  • better looking water
  • reloading indicator
  • owned items are now displayed in top right corner
  • solved bugs with level generation
  • more quality settings to choose from (from Potato to Ultra)
  • redesigned bosses - check them out yourself!

Join my Discord to have an exclusive look at development progress or simply have a chat here:

Have fun!



TurboIslandPurger_0.7.0.zip 52 MB
14 days ago
TurboIslandPurger_0.7.0.app.zip 67 MB
14 days ago


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